Structured Finance

Structured Finance provides solutions allows the transfer of risk through collateralizing and securitization of credit facilities of various assets, contracts, and collateral to help increase liquidity, manufacturing, economic development, funding or providing capital for import/exporting.

Bank Instruments

Vinecrest Investments LLC, has business relationship with many of the top banks in the world. We provide creative solutions for all of your business, imports and exports, and trade finance. We work with banks in monetization loans "cashing-out" your collateral with specific banking instruments. We can work with specific BG's (Bank Guarantee), SBLC's (Standby Letter of Credit), DPLC's (Direct Pay Letter of Credit) and Advanced Guarantees as part of your collateral needs to increase your manufacturing.

We will work with most BG's (Bank Guarantee), SBLC's (Standby Letter of Credit) & DPLC's (Direct Pay Letter of Credit) for collateralization and trade finance.

We streamline application process and account opening with the cooperation of our bankers and traders to effectively collateralize to provide short-term capital or long-term funding with credit facilities for up to 5 years.

Through bank guarantee loans offers a dynamic credit facility which involves the use of BG (Bank Guarantees) or SBLC (Stand By Letters of Credit) on behalf of the client through the structure of loan monetization, our banks are able to issue a loan against specific collateral.

Asset Monetization

We are able to work with you to monetize specific types of commodity contracts, specific in-ground assets, or above-ground assets - such as gold, silver, copper, iron and other precious metal mines, oil and gas development operations, export, import manufacturing and certain economic development projects.

All mining, manufacturing, export/importing, oil and gas projects must have proper documentation, licensing, permits and environmental studies be completed prior to application for monetization.

We structure your entire process from start to finish, your success is based on your transparency and participation with us.

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