Mining, Oil and Gas

Our focus is mining, oil and gas projects who are in need of capital to get their assets into production. Our investors come in as joint venture partners to provide capital against the assets and contracts to produce the product. Our sweet spot is mining, oil and gas projects that have most of their licenses and permits. With sites that have limited or little equipment for producing and processing. We like to see that the project can be into full production within 90-120 days of capital investment.

Arranging Capital Investments for Oil & Gas Production, Energy Services, Bio-Energy and Equipment.

Our Oil & Gas experience and longstanding industry relationships make us a preferred firm to work with in providing additional capital. We offer a variety of capital investment options. We have an operating company who can come along side to partner with you to manage your projects. Everything from Railroad commission, Ministry of Energy, and other governmental agencies compliance and regulation, permitting, and licensing. We have a clear understanding to navigate through the red-tape. We have a full range of services from geological, engineers, operators, equipment, diagnostic testing of wells to arranging infrastructures for refining crudes. Bio-energy and alternative energy plants looking to develop bio-fuels from tires, trash, plastics and other forms of waste products.

We structure capital investments for companies and provide proper management teams to help build success for your energy project including oil and gas exploration and production, midstream, energy services, energy infrastructure projects and utilities.

We work with you to secure the necessary contracts with government agencies, refineries, and other gatherers for your off-take agreements. Capital can also be raised through contract collateralization and bonds then funded through our bankers.

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