Our Procedure

Vinecrest Investments funding process has been structured to maximize the efficiency.  In order to best help achieve this, we ask that you take time to understand our protocol and provide the required information and documents in a timely manner.

Company Protocol

Please review the following steps:

Complete Intake form
  A completed Intake form, along with supporting documents for review prior to any conference call. Upon receiving it, we will contact you to set up a conference call.

Conference Call
  We will discuss the proposed project, the parties will that will be involved in the project. Company principal(s) must be present for the call. All conference calls are to discuss the current status of the project, capital already injected into a project, and the amount of capital still needed for either; trade finance, credit enhancement, production of commodities, mining, oil and gas funding.

Required Documents
  If agreeable to all parties, we will provide you with a list of documents specific for your business and the type of funding or capital required. These documents may include and are not limited to;
- Executive Summary;
- Resumes/Bios of Principals;
- Permits/Licenses;
- Off-take agreements;
- Geological/Analysis reports;
- Purchase contracts/Purchase Orders

Trade Finance/Capital investment Options
  Upon receiving and reviewing the documents submitted, we will determine which programs will be best suited for your goals to achieve.

Application Process
  Upon agreement of terms and understanding of required fees and costs, Vinecrest Investments will introduce your company to the bank and begin the application process by providing a complete funding package to the bank which will begin the bank due diligence period. Once you are cleared your funding request will go to loan committee for approval. We will work with you and the bank complete all bank application forms and new account set up forms.

Note: If brokers are involved in your project, this must be disclosed during the first conference call. Thereafter, Vinecrest Investments will provide a NCND and Fee Agreement with your broker and will thereafter work together with you directly on your project. All brokers are protected and brought on as Associate Broker to Vinecrest Investments for their valued participation with us and you.


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